CFRP, a carbon fiber reinforced plastic, has the advantages of lightweight, hard texture, non-flammability, low moisture absorption, good electrical insulation, non-corrosion, and good chemical stability, which is currently a popular material to replace metal materials.

The material is an organic polymer fiber after the high-temperature heat treatment process to complete the carbon fiber structure transformation, the mechanical properties are greatly improved, but by the fiber raw material structure and heat treatment process, most of the carbon fiber, the surface becomes smooth and surface energy is low, inert large, lack of active functional group reactivity is poor. , it also lacks high-temperature resistance and oxidation resistance, which affects the use and development of carbon fiber materials.

Carbon fiber is mainly composed of carbon elements accounting for more than 80% of the proportion, the surface has many knitted pores, structural grooves and crystalizes, etc., because most of the carbon fiber is graphite carbon chain structure, the main disadvantage is poor surface wear resistance,the rough structure of multi-porous, obvious concave and convex stripes and the matte appearance, improving the surface shortcomings of carbon fiber is a crucial application topic.
After a year and a half of continuous research development and optimization, after many verifications, Colitech decided to adopt the "Polymerization Coating Method" and "Dip Coating" mass production process technology to improve and solve some of the main shortcomings of carbon fiber plastic materials, we look forward to this method can enhance the product value of the material and expand the applications.