More than 20 years of
optical coating experience.

Colitech is a professional dip coating manufacturer, with coating foundry and its own product's development. Combined coating OEM and customized services'put a lot of efforts in technology and adherence to the perfection of quality, to accept the harsh challenges of vehicle and related market needs.


2019 Obtained the product approval of VW as well as started the production.
2021 Obtained the coating approval of Taiwan High Speed Rail head lighting PC cover needs. 
2021 ISO9001/ISO14001 Certification

Only we can do!

With the concept of "plastic glass" and replacing glass, realizes innovative technologies that can compete with glass in terms of optical properties, scratch and wear resistance, glass gloss texture and other reliability.

Core Technologies

  1. 1. Sol-gel technology
  2. 2. Multi-layers optical coating control process.
  3. 3. Coating equipment and process technology.
  4. 4. Optical design ability

Anti scratch ,adhesion resistance and superb hardness features

The polymer structure gives the plastic surface an amazingly good effect

Excellent Optical Effect

High transmission and none birefringence phenomenon visual effects.

Same as glass

Glossiness and appearance are same as glass.

Glass Replacement

Replacing glass is the original intention and goal of our technical team

Service Items

To provide the glass replacement technology solution of engineering plastics, whether its flat or 3D shape, we can provide customer another material choice with high hardness and excellent optical properties in addition to inorganic glass.

Flatness Plastic

There are extraordinary coating innovations in flat plastics.

Curve Plastics

There are coating solutions and effects, before and after the curve treatment.

Carbon fiber and Glass fiber

Hardness, gloss and wear resistance of the fiber material that is solved possible by us.

Coating processing service

To offers the one stop shopping solution for 2D/3Dshape PMMA/PC material.