High wear resistance PC _Application examples of headlights cover

High wear-resistant PC passed a variety of harsh impact and reliability tests, steel wool abrasion test up to 3000 times, no birefringence rainbow phenomenon, high transmission and the same as glass gloss texture. After nearly two years of evaluation and testing to obtain customer recognition, rigorous testing is to be applied to high-speed driving at a speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour, so that the headlights can maintain the best illumination effect for a long time, and the driver can see clearer and farther away. PC (Polycarbonate) is an impact-resistant, small deformation, high durability engineering plastic, but its disadvantage is that the surface is too weak to bear scratch and wear resistant, without the protection of surface hardcoat, even if the use of tissue paper will cause obviously scratches problem. The traditional hard coating technology, surface hardness level can increase up to 1H pencil hardness around, wear resistance of steel wool test at most dozens of times, for the strict application specifications of high-speed rail headlights cover that cannot be satisfied. Colitech’s PC wear-resistant process technology combined with self-adjusting formulations and hardcoat processes that will result in amazing and revolutionary improvements in PC engineering plastics.